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International Labour Day occurs on 1 May, 21 September marks the day Belize acquired independence in , 12 October is Pan American Day, and 19 November commemorates the arrival and settlement of the Garifuna people. Artists support themselves primarily by selling their works at exhibitions and performing at concerts. The buyers include wealthy Belizeans who display art for their private pleasure. The National Arts Council promotes training and the display of various forms of art.

Literature, Graphic Arts, and Performance Arts. A small body of written literature is published locally. There is a potentially rich source of oral literature, but hardly any is preserved in writing. The best developed graphic arts are painting and sculpture. Sculpture builds on a rich tradition of the use of wood. Mainly self-taught persons whose work demonstrates folkloric dimensions engage in painting and sculpture. A similar localized mode prevails in the performance arts, except drama and dance.

Regional and international plays are performed in schools and occasionally for the public. There is much public support for those events. Punta rock music is a component of the national culture that was created in the early s by the Garifuna. It has become popular along the Caribbean coast of Central America. Foreign scientists mainly from North America do almost all the scientific research in the country. Studies in the fields of Maya archaeology, natural history, and the physical environment are primary contributors to our understanding of the significance of Belize within the subregion.

Plans for consolidation of the University College of Belize includes promoting research for its students and faculty. New Nation in Central America , Colonialism and Resistance in Belize: Essays in Historical Sociology , Krohn, Hunter Lita, et al.

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Readings in Belizean History, 2d ed. Who and What in Belizean Elections to , The experiences of the Garifuna and Creole , Development in Belize — , Caribbean Nation, Central American State: Ethnicity, Race, and National formation in Belize, — , A Situation Analysis of Children in Belize , International Migration and Development in Belize: Wilk, Richard, and Mac Chapin. Ethnic Minorities in Belize: Mopan, Kekchi, and Garifuna , History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation.

Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space At a distribution rate of eight persons per square kilometer, Belize has one of the lowest population densities in the hemisphere. Food and Economy Food in Daily Life.

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Social Stratification Classes and Castes. Social Welfare, Change Programs, and Nongovernmental Organizations The government provides minimal amounts of money as relief for the indigent and for the public in times of disaster. Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage. Socialization Child Rearing and Education. Medicine and Health Care Because of the inadequacy of the health care system, Belizeans use the medical services in Guatemala and Mexico. Secular Celebrations Three secular holidays predate the nationalist movement.

The Arts and Humanities Artists support themselves primarily by selling their works at exhibitions and performing at concerts. The State of the Physical and Social Sciences Foreign scientists mainly from North America do almost all the scientific research in the country. A History of Belize , Government of Belize. Abstract of Statistics, Belize , Party Politics in Belize — , Also read article about Belize from Wikipedia. This website is amazing it is the best web info i ever had for info on belize. Belize is a very good country but the government is all for them self and not the poor people that is y our country is like dis instead we really help the needed we will the rice get richer.

The information helped tremendously in procuring data for my class. I would appreciate if you could give me more information on East Indian health status, specifically based on nutritional health status. I want to know wath kind of disease they suffer based on nutrition. Thank you so much for this information it helped me so much on this school project I have to do that will take up the whole year, the only thing that would help me more is if you included some net-in and net-out population info. Hello Can you please help me with some information about the health care system in Belize Like when the first hospital was establish and by who.

It is more like the history of health Care system I am looking for.

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I love the information on this page. I would love to have information on the author so I can properly cite it. All of this information is really helpful. Would it be possible to get more on food, urban and rural life, work and hobbies. The article helped but there are many more fascinating things about Belize that could've been on this. Can you specify the time line culture of Belize and the different ethic group Belize has and there percentage as it grows. Please, could furnish me cost leaving in Belize. Average cost for meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Super per day.

Also hotel accommodation per day.


The page provides relevant infromation but i still did not get what i wanted, info about the Mestizo. I'm from the U. I was mugged once. Bike taken from me right down town Corazal. Tell people the truth about Belize. Could I live here peacefully as a tourist in a very simple way without putting myself in danger as an older white woman?

Very nicely presented and very informative - much needed information for paper. Thanks so much for your efforts!!! Thank you so much for sharing this information, I am originally from Belize city and all of this information sounds right to me, I moved to the u. I was looking for more information about the culture and heritage of Belize for a school project. It's sad and rather alarming that religion is given such privilege in Belize. Little good will come of that.

I am needing the information for a presentation on Belize. I am glad I came here because I had some of my facts mixed up before.

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