Some people set up a separate disposable e-mail address solely for online suitors. That way, if someone becomes too persistent in their attentions to you, you can just abandon the temporary e-mail address. Catfishers, fake profiles and scammers.

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Internet dating fraud situations most often occur when hundreds or thousands of miles separate the victim and the fake persona created by a con artist so try to avoid long distance people. One way to avoid catfishers is to do a reverse google image search for their profile picture.

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If you see lots of results coming up you have found something dodgy! Another great way to avoid fake profiles is to use a reputable dating site like match. Naturally, there are limits to this kind of activity. Similarly, be suspicious of anyone who offers you expensive gifts like airfare to a foreign country. The first in-person meeting should always be in a public place. Usually it is best to meet for coffee the first time. This permits you to leave after a brief conversation if the person who seemed so attractive in e-mails behaves a bit strangely face-to-face.

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5 Tips for Staying Safe When Online Dating – Safe Date

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If you become uncomfortable with the conversation you can always opt for blocking the other person. You can also report users who are being abusive or giving you cause for concern. When you are ready to take things to the next level make plans to meet in public spaces and do not accept lifts.

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Choose an area you are familiar with, and stay near busy areas. You can let a friend know when you are out on a date and keep them updated of your whereabouts.

If you feel something is wrong and want to leave the date, or change your mind at the last minute, it is ok to do so. If something seems wrong or you suddenly feel uncomfortable or threatened, remove yourself from the situation.

This article is sponsored content for mysinglefriend. But the safest way to be online is to apply some common sense to your encounters. Here are some useful safety tips ahead of your dating adventure: Is online dating safe? Internet dating safety tips Finding love on the internet: